What do I know?

In giving this outline I am setting out matters which I know. Most of those are readily evidenced by research. Others I know intuitively; to those who raise their eyebrows at this assertion I can only say: Make your own mind up!

  • The events suggesting a pandemic of 2020/1 were an attack upon mankind that was elaborately pre-planned and, thank God, incompetently executed. In the event the threat, if indeed there was any threat other than the usual seasonal flu, was nugatory, as the all-causes mortality rates for 2020 demonstrated in UK where the year ranked 35 of the previous 50.
  • The attack was a frantic reaction to the result of the 2016 US election result, which upended the march of evil represented by the Clinton Project, which had hitherto been proceeding much as planned by our enemies with the vast expansion of authoritarianism disguised as a protection of our societies from terrorism following the destruction of the Twin Towers by the neocons in partnership with Mossad, both agents of the global cooperative of psychopaths. Our peoples had naively allowed such creatures to grow as rich as countries. I call this shifting sand of evil the Filth.
  • Since that time to date as many people have died as a direct result of actions of the Filth world-wide as died for Russia in WW2 and that metric is ballooning. Even if we executed every member of the Filth today it would continue to do so for years as the full effect of the jabs becomes clear.
  • Every government world-wide has been deeply corrupted by the Filth to a point where they are now ,in truth, the enemy of the people they claim to represent. In the UK that is profoundly true about 90% of serving MPs. These people have been bought, and once bought are stuck in their shame. A forensic accounting examination of each member by an uncorrupted agency would be among the first measures to effect if we are to try to save our ancient institution.
  • The Filth are openly represented by the WEF and the raft of NGOs from the UN, the WHO and so on that have been long purchased by corrupt influence. We should reject them root and branch.
  • There are certain individuals posing as government ministers around the world who openly subvert the governments they are meant to serve. Rishi Sunak and Macron and Merkel and that lovely narcissist Trudeau and the grubby ex PM of NZ are some of these, and a glance at the Davos attendee list is instructive. Charles Windsor is a willing useful idiot for the WEF and his first official engagement was to cosy up to Trudeau for a full day before his mother was buried. Such mandates as they have (dubious in most cases) are annulled by the betrayal that their conduct represents.
  • There is no climate crisis that could not be solved by hanging the COP participants from the tail units of their private jets, and removing the source of evil investment in the hysteria of fools.
  • The use of overt racism by so-called liberal bigots to generate race hatred against white people is another serious crime under the law, like murder and misconduct in public office, and like them it is being ignore, indeed encouraged by the arrogant evil that is on the march. When combined with the mass immigration that has been allowed since Merkel’s at-the-time inexplicable behaviour it amounts to traitorous subversion of our countries. Racism is racism. It does not have a menu like a restaurant.
  • There appears to be confidence on the part of the great oil companies that we are not about to run out of oil. Less discussed is the real possibility that oil is not in fact a fossil fuel at all, a fact that if shown to be correct would not please the many who are heavily invested in environmental schemes assuming that it is.
  • There is no debate, however, that there are vast and (by man) hardly tapped resources of clean water created in the earth’s core that can be (are have been) tapped in the igneous rock intrusions close to the surface. These are said to be more than sufficient for life on earth, but there is a deafening silence on this.
  • Nicholas Tesla was said to have outlined the technology capable of worldwide radio-like transmission of electrical energy that could be tapped by anyone, anywhere. It is said that this was suppressed by others in order to create energy supply that could be sold and controlled. This is not as far as I know shown by evidence, but as the last years have unfolded I am sure I am not the only one who thinks that an early effort to drill down to the truth on this is overdue.
  • Finally I know that the people who have procured the death of 500,000 young Ukrainians are the same interests who control the ISF and who created Hamas. They blithely trade on the loyalties of others to create their dark world of everlasting war, with everlasting profits and everlasting control of the rest of us.

Many are now observing there are things worse than death! Stopping what is happening and returning to our individual visions of the creation of heaven on earth with the devotion of our life’s blood if necessary is something I believe we need to look at squarely.