What is going on in the World?

An major assessment by a master of earth energy science, Rory Duff. This is a part of one of his September newsletter, which has a good deal more profoundly interesting material.

Rory Duff

We each live in a tiny bubble. This small bubble is the only ‘actual’ view of the World that we can see, feel and hear around us. In this bubble we make our primary observations.

What we think we know is going on comes mainly from other people – some of these people we can trust because we know them – the observations from these trusted sources make up our secondary observations.

Everything else comes to us from third parties and from parties even further away from our direct experience. This ‘tertiary’ information is, these days, likely to be very distant from the actual truth and just listening to this ‘tertiary’ news makes it very difficult to determine what is really going on.

Lies and secrecy are commonplace amongst those who would wish to take full control over our lives.

Navigating our way around the lies requires more primary and secondary observations and also for us to become more heart centred as this is where we will feel the truth.

One truth now is that many people around the World are suffering.

The real sadness is that this is all intentional and could be avoided.

What exists amongst us in the World right now are two types of capitalism – Corporate capitalism and Entrepreneurial capitalism. They are both forms of capitalism but what is different about the people who belong to each group

is an emotion and it is this emotion that leads to different ways of thinking.
One is driven by greed, profit & power over everything around it – including nature. This is actually a fear based form of capitalism where the fear of failure drives people to needing higher and higher ego’s to suppress their inner fears. This fear drives these people to take less and less risk with their money and to look at all ways possible to safeguard their capital. They want nothing to stand in their way and they will even stoop to mass murder to this end. Think here of civilian casualties in a war when it comes to mass murder as war becomes their end game as that leads to even more wealth extraction from other parties. These people will stoop to win/lose opportunities in their pursuit of short term gain.

Their only threat actually comes from the Entrepreneurs in the World. Something new and better can devastate their existing businesses and they know that one of their own main flaws is their lack of creativity. To be creative you need to think freely and that is why these people hate freedom as it becomes a breeding ground for their downfall.

The people who take this route become lazier and lazier and more and more parasitical.
In other route of the entrepreneurial capitalist we find people prepared to take risks with their money. They actually look to create something that will help other people in their life such that those people will be prepared to buy what is being offered to them. They know they will have to employ people and pay them well to get work done well such that their customers are happy. They recognise that a safe World needs trade and trust between countries and they understand the need for win/win contracts over the medium to long term.

These people are creative by nature and they know the need for freedom because the World changes and it always faces new adversities and these problems can only ever be overcome by creative thinking. They value the truth because without that reality, what they invest in to solve a problem will be wasted if they are wrong.

Their only threat comes from the Corporate capitalists as they are the predators who are hungry for more. These parasitical predators seek out the entrepreneurial threats and use all sorts of diabolical ways to wrest the businesses away from their creative counterparts.

The World is shaped by the battles between these types of capitalists. Many names are used to disguise who they are – Marxists, Socialists etc are all labels used to confuse others in what is all just a geopolitical game for the parasites as their goal is to own and control the World and the tool they use the most is division.

These two types of capitalism are not two categories though. There is a sliding scale between them and this is all based on the amount of fear held by the owners/shareholders of their businesses. Some people may well start off as entrepreneurial but they then become more filled with fear and slide into becoming a parasitical corporate capitalist.

Divide to rule is an understood maxim of theirs which is why we find political parties created to look like two different sides but they both always doing the same bidding of the parasitical classes. We are constantly being presented with the only choice of one party or another for good reason – they don’t want any other option to emerge.

The truth is we don’t have to play their game – there is another way.
The trouble for the rest of us is that when they don’t get what they want, they double down on their goals and resort to even greater degrees of chaos and this is where we are now.
The deliberate collapse of World economy

Many things in the world come under the banner of the World economy but there are only two things that really count – Energy and Gold.

If you have control over the energy and you own the most gold, you are in a better position to control the World.

One of the past parasites once said ‘Gold is money, everything else is credit’ and he was right because he knew the true power of owning physical gold.
Oil and Gas is now the other key to owning the World. In the past the USA and Saudi Arabia established a sort of monopoly over energy trade and, with the help of Henry Kissinger, all oil and gas energy had to be bought and sold using US dollars.

This gave the US an unassailable position and a new unipolar World emerged. These things though do not last the test of time and, as the oil and gas began to run out, others fields were found elsewhere in the World and now Russia, Iran & Qatar have by far the greatest amount of gas reserves.
A new BRICS+ group of nations are now forming and their oil gas and gold reserves are what is driving the World into a Multipolar World.

A new commodity based payment system between these countries has been initiated and it allows them to use their own currencies to buy and sell gold and energy. These countries are now relying less and less on using the US dollar for energy payments.

The West’s fiat based currency system has no chance of competing with this gold, oil and gas backed exchange system.

China’s and Russia’s Hypersonic missiles can evade any missile defence system that the rest of the World has to offer and this has shifted the balance of power and it is unlikely that the  West will reach parity in this game for at least another couple of years.

Like Putin and the Russians, or not, the sanctions placed on them (for their ‘Special military operation’ in Ukraine to ‘De-Nazify’ the Donbass region) have clearly failed as the Russian Ruble has soared in strength against all other currencies in the World and the West are being crippled by energy shortages and a roaring inflation running on average now at around 15%. (No one listens to the headline figures any more – we all know about shrink-flation and constant omissions of more and more of the daily necessities in these figures)

What is really going on here though is the deliberate demise of the Western economy and the suppression of its people so they accept whatever is then presented to them.

This mess is all easily reversible but the governments and their paymasters and the parasitical idealists are not interested in doing this.
Total collapse is their agenda and we need to wake up and realise this fast.

How we react now is all important
If we stoop to negative emotions like anger, they win.
If we march in protest, they win.
If we resort to violence they win.

We cannot change their system. It is not designed to be able to be changed by anyone but themselves.

This may seem like quite a gloomy picture, but the truth is things are not going the way the parasitical psychopaths (P.P’s) would like.
Indeed there is even some good news here

The P.P’s find themselves within a huge dilemma.

I mentioned earlier that the emerging multipolar World has two different methods of financial exchange occurring.

On the old side there is fiat money – unsound paper money which has been printed with nothing to support the value of this money other than the faith of the people using the currency and perhaps the threat of war if we don’t.
On the new side there is commodity based finance – sound money backed by amongst other things Gold.

Gold has been the antithesis of fiat money ever since President Nixon took the US dollar off of the gold standard in 1971. The price of gold has been artificially manipulated ever since and this is done in something called the ‘paper’ gold market.

Physically transferring and storing large amounts of gold is a costly thing so the paper market was introduced and this market is heavily traded with options and derivatives. (Essentially options and derivatives are like bets in a casino where the really big bets tend to sway the market direction of the price)

So if you are concerned about the strength of your own countries fiat money, you need to massively suppress the price of Gold and this is done by ‘Shorting’ the paper market. ‘Shorting’ is like placing a massive bet that the price of gold is going to go lower.

Anyone thinking the gold price might rise was for a long time on the wrong side of a trade with an opponent who was far, far wealthier than you and they could print their own paper money.

Over the years the central banks (and the central bank for all the central banks the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basel Switzerland) have taken out bigger and bigger ‘short’ positions (bets) in order to suppress the price of Gold.

This is not only going on in the Gold market though. This methodology is used to influence the price of all commodities.

The problem is that this all comes at a price. Over time more and more people take an alternative view from the Western banks and their central banks – who have now become more and more exposed in their ‘short’ positions.

Their total level of derivative debt now is over 700 Trillion dollars.
This titanic amount can never be repaid so if the bet goes against these banks, there is no way their current assets will ever pay off their ‘short’ positions.

(This is when a poker player at a poker table has to get up and leave because they have lost all their money and of course their backers (customers) money).

This is the good news  

If there is war, the price of Gold would rocket upwards – especially when the stronger side owns the most gold.

Between the BRICS+ nations there is probably around 40,000 tons of Gold and they have no derivative debt.

On the other Western side there is probably only 20,000 tons of Gold, no hypersonic weapons and huge levels of derivative debt,

The good news for us is that Western countries (USA, Europe, Canada, UK, Australia & New Zealand)  cannot afford to go to war as war would totally collapse the whole Western financial system and the Central banks absolutely have to avoid that as their aim is to introduce a Central Bank Digital currencies (CBDC’s).

This is the good news. We are not going to see a World War for at least 18 months to 2 years and that buys us some time.

There is one more dilemma the P.P’s have. They are not united amongst themselves at all.

There are actually many divisions as you might expect within a group of egocentric people who all want to be leaders.

The European, American and the British leaders are really more divided than they would like us to think. (Apologies to the people of Canada, Australia and New Zealand here but at the moment but your leaders just seem to just follow one or two of the other three countries when it comes to policy)

With all this debt, they know there is a good chance that one of the four main currencies will fail (Yen, Euro, Pound, Dollar) and they would rather see the failure of the other currencies than their own. When all the chips are down, one is going to fail and we are fast approaching this. The yen and the euro are being heavily shorted (yes they even take bets on it all).

The Central Bankers all seem to have now decided to allow inflation to reduce away their massive exposure to their derivative debt (If it costs one million dollars for a loaf of bread (Zimbabwe) then a $700 trillion debt is nothing to be worried about – the people be damned. (They have done this before and these PP’s are in a corner and so they will do it again)

The global corporations have all their money tied up in their own shares (having borrowed huge amounts at no interest to do so) and in property.
Their share price is their concern so a 60- 70% fall in the stock market is not something they want to see. Another thing they do not want to see is an increase in interest rates.

They don’t mind inflation as long as it increases their share price. Their problem though is if people stop buying what they are selling and start sharing items for normal use, growing their own food and using natural alternatives for healthcare. (They need full control over us to stop this from happening which is why they had to decimate small to medium size businesses. Big fish eat middle sized fish and little fish)

When you look at the P.P’s options they do not have many.

They need inflation but not the growing opposition from the people that it brings – especially if they have automatic rifles. They need to be competitive in global trade but not at the expense of not being able to print as much money as they would like.

They do, and have, settled on a solution but they know it will take time to implement and time is something they now realise they have very little of.
People are waking up and realising what is going on. The lies that the mainstream media mouthpiece is putting out, by the hour, is not being believed by more and more people.

The P.P’s also know pretty accurately how many people are awakening and it is really worrying them.

Not knowing these figures is our weakness, we don’t have access to the data information from all forms of social media so we are just not aware of the growing percentage of the population who are awakening.

If we did know, the game would be over already.

The other part of their game is that they absolutely need to introduce their digital currencies and for two reasons only – negative interest rates and universal basic income.

These two things force people not to save but to spend and to become helplessly dependent upon the state. Bankers can then have both the inflation they need and they can also control consumer spending to avoid a depression.

It is a good plan but for one problem, it does not help the entrepreneur who wishes to improve their life and the lives of those around them. It will decimate the middle classes.

Most of the employment in the World comes from the small to medium sized businesses so many people will become unemployed when they fail (This has already started – the disastrous shutdown policy has initiated this).

When you sit back and look at this whole situation you can begin to see how the conflict and dilemma, that most of us find ourselves in, is between those with money and power and those without.

This though is the wrong conclusion

There is something far bigger afoot here,

Yes it does seem like we are in a war but we must really ask what kind of war it is?

What we need to recognise here is what the true conflict is actually all about.

When we come to realise the answer here, we can more clearly see the actions we must take.

The first realisation is that it is not an ‘us’ against ‘them’ war at all.
It is however a conflict but the conflict actually only exists within us all.
The parasitical class are filled with fear – its why they do what they do. If we raise our own vibrations so we have no fear, that will actually help bring down levels of fear in others.

It is through our choices that we make, at this moment in time, that we either move on to one path or another.

When it comes down to ‘our choices’ and ‘our path’, we are forced to recognise that it is all about our own consciousness and our growth,

When we now realise that the events that we are experiencing now on Earth, both energetically and geopolitically, we can only come to one conclusions – it is all about our own spirituality and this is fully dependent on being present & holding a positive loving vibration.

The evolution of our consciousness is our own choice but, in just recognising this, we have to also realise that, to achieve this evolution, we have to help others come to realise that they too must make the same choice.

To evolve, or not to evolve?
This is the only question.

All this negativity, all these difficulties, are being presented to us right now to help us make this choice and to help others become informed enough to also make their choice.

We can grow local communities who can begin to think and act in the necessary ways and I know several areas where people are already doing this.In these communities we can spread an alternative way of thinking and help people seek the truth. We can also help those in need in these communities.

Mass meditation events will raise awareness of the new ways.
Imagine thousands of people meditating on nodes in large parks in cities all around the World.

We must not seek to change the system in our country by direct means, we must seek to change ourselves and how we connect with each other.

By doing this we will change the World because this sort of peaceful activity will become more and more noticeable.

A simple message is all that is needed and it is one that more and more groups are adopting.

‘We do not accept what you say and we do not accept what you want us to do.
There is a better way.’