Your Welfare is Compromised – So We’ll Kill You…

The perversion of truth that we face.

I’m indebted to Celia Farber, who posted this:

By Vladimir Golstein

People Tend to Be Cruel Toward Animals. It Is Related to Food and Survival, of course; It can also be a bloody sport. Be it hunting, bull-fighting, whales butchery and so on. Maybe it is some sort of relic of ancient tradition of animal sacrifice.

But recently, we’ve witnessed some sort of new and rather disturbing thing. Murder with self-justification. Now the zookeepers in Copenhagen kill a perfectly healthy giraffe and turn it into some sort of teachable moment, as they invite parents and children to watch the process.

Now Norwegians have decided to take out a walrus who’s swam all the way up to the Oslo fjord, a confused creature constantly harassed by the onlookers, who could not resist taking pictures next to it.

One of the first memorable phrases about animals that I’ve learned, was the line from ‎Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “The Little Prince” : “You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.” As simple as that.

So how do humans demonstrate their responsibility? By killing the animals, of course.

Here are Norwegian authorities trying to justify their decision to euthanize the six hundred kilo Walrus:

According to veterinarian experts the walrus seemed stressed by the massive attention and the welfare of the animal was compromised.”

OK. Welfare of the animal was compromised because people acted as pests. The solution? Let’s whack the animal. How logical!

And sick justifications didn’t stop there. There was an idea of relocating the animal from Oslo fjord, but:

We have considered all possible solutions carefully. We concluded that we could not ensure the animals welfare through any means available,” Bakke-Jensen said in the release. … The extensive complexity of such an operation made us conclude that this was not a viable option.. There were several animal welfare concerns associated with a possible relocation.”

In other words, relocation would jeopardize animal’s welfare, so let’s kill it instead. How humane! Surprising that Nazis didn’t use this excuse: we thought of relocating Jews to Zanzibar, but since the move would stress the poor dudes, we’ve settle on gassing them.

Next time, a Norwegian expresses concerns about you being stressed, you better run for cover. Somehow I am now much less surprised now the NATO leader is the politician from Norway. Sure, NATO is a peaceful organization that bombs people so to avoid stressing them.

It is really shocking, how double speak and woke-ism have perverted our minds. Murder is no longer murder. It is a concern for one’s welfare. Driving animals insane, first by invading their habitat, and then taking idiotic pictures next to the confused creatures, is punished by the murder of the animal. Pure humanitarian logic.

In comparison to this nauseating PC hypocrisy, the Spanish bullfighting looks better and better. At least, Spaniards don’t pretend killing bulls out of concern for their well-being.