A Time of Universal Deceit

Across the world there are millions living with a sensation of overpowering foreboding. Quite apart from the myriad personal tragedies that have already been visited on so many, the sense of a cloud of evil has descended on our world.

The foundational reason for this is because the truth has become a hunted animal in the public arena. Just about every person on the planet will recall the tidal wave of shock-horror contagion propaganda that was pumped out by media outlets world-wide for the first half of 2020. It was an hysteria that admitted no disagreement or dissent. And as the panic measures from governments went into place, and only then, there was a change by which lively debate began to be allowed but within certain controlled boundaries, at the same time as civil discord started to be engineered by the appearance of subversion such as BLM. Media owners are now happy for governments to be pilloried by the upset readers and journos, but woe betide any who have had things to say about fraud and the disgraceful vaccine situation.

We have entered a world of topsy turvey, where more often than not the slogan is the exact opposite of what is being peddled. “We are all in this together”…

And it is this vice-like manipulation of the media by the uber-rich interests running the attack on our societies that is the principle danger to us all.

As a result, here in the UK, the Savanta ComRes survey, for Conservative Woman, reveals that  the median age at which people think “coronavirus” victims have died is just 65 when the real average is 82.4 years. Average life expectancy is 81.1 years, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS)!!! Get the bug and live longer…..

The poll found that 41% think “the virus” has been the single biggest cause of UK deaths in 2020, when ONS data shows that, for September, it was the 19th cause in England and the 24th in Wales.

The gap between perception and reality is simply down to the vast and sophisticated manipulation of public opinion by the media, driven by regiments of paid PR types bringing pressure to bear in a vast range of ways, from the corruption of Wikipedia articles to the donation of large sums of money to outlets over more than a decade.

Lies have become the “new normal”. People who for most of their lives have trusted ( usually with some reason), the media, are simply not prepared for being thrown back on their own resources in this way and being led into a sink of fear.

Goering pointed out at Nuremberg that controlling people was simplicity itself – one has only to put them in fear. That is what is happening. Fear stops or inhibits clear thought, and in this situation, where the scale of the crimes against humanity in the process of commital is unprecedented, the wicked psychopathic group driving this attempt to control the planet have in the early stages had a good deal of success.

But all it takes to defeat them is for us to say “NO!”

Here is some people’s propaganda in response! :