Austria is Guilty of Grievous Criminal Assault on its Citizens. France and Italy Threatened.

The harm caused by the injectates is now proven and forseeable. That fact can be checked on this website and in many other New Media resources. The protegees of Klaus Schwab, Gates and Fauci have been shown for what they are, and what they are is no less than a threat to humanity.

Forcing jabs on people when harm is forseeable as a result is only one thing – a grave crime. As it looks more and more culpable despite the wall of propaganda the evil has nowhere to turn and must keep on with its lies. The Putin deadline expires next week. We can perhaps realistically expect that the creatures will want to distract from their crimes by creation of an armed conflict with demands that we all follow the flag – whether in Ukraine or elsewhere.

The vlolence of war has been our unrecognised reality for some time, and thousands have already died in these countries and across the world under the ruthless quest for cash and world domination.

The best course for right-living people is to recognise what is happening, to refuse to comply with the smallest injunction being pressed upon us, to clamour for prosecution of the leading criminals as soon as possible and to use what tatters of democracy remain to rid public life of these deadly parasites.