Biden Wants War – A False Flag is On the Way Unless He is Stopped at Home

The Puppet Warmonger

With the White House telling Americans to leave Ukraine yet again, despite the ridicule heaped on Biden after their last recent pathetic attempt to create a confrontation, it is a pretty clear sign that the Pentagon has been told to find a reason for hostilities with Russia and do it sharply.

The rising tide of popular fury against what has been happening has terrified Mr Global’s US puppet to a point where he is prepared to risk a European theatre war in an effort to distract and divert attention. It is an age-old trick of tyrants. That he may find an ICBM on his lawn as a result does not seem to have dawned on him.

Let there be no mistake and let all people of sanity protest long and loud against Biden’s effort to kill millions to save the skins of a few bad people.