Do You Want to Make Sense of All This?

My Suggestion for
The Fauci Coat of Arms. Doubtless he would want strawberry leaves as well!

I have now asked the prosecuting authorities in England and Scotland to act on the fact that it has now for some weeks been provenly forseeable that the injectates cause serious injury to those who receive it. I have not even had an acknowledgment that mass unlawful killing or anything else is to be considered for prosecution. This was exactly the absence of response that prompted Mike Yeadon and his group to start their ICC action last week.

The proof of forseeability is not only in the number of recent peer-reviewed studies that reach that conclusion, but also in the metrics of the large numbers of people who are dying as a result. The Kingston University study of the VAERS metrics confirms the suspicion that this is no matter of chance. That number is, terrible to say, going to accelerate dramatically.

As has been pointed out ad nauseam, the Swine Flu jabs deaths resulted in a very early moratorium on that programme, but in the case of the CV outrage the peddlers have been doubling down, and trying all sorts of lies to move their agenda on. No suggestion of a moratorium from them!

Forseeability of the result of your action is the mental element of crime that is required to accompany the action itself if a person is to be convicted. That mental element – the mens rea as the lawyers have it – is as clear in the case of promoting or giving the jabs as if a knife were inserted rather than a needle.

So why the reticence from Mr Plod and his prosecutor oppos? It is a puzzle until the answer – unpalatable and until recently unthinkable – rears into the mind, namely that they want to kill us in large numbers in a way designed to make us doze to death like lobsters in gradually heated water.

If you admit this as an explanation a very great deal of answers swim into view, both in terms of what is happening now and what has happened for a considerable time past.

Your choice to assess. I know what I think.