Macron’s regime has announced that every citizen must be vaccinated by 2022.

And now parents who wish to withdraw their own children from the state system will find it almost impossible to avoid the propaganda storm.

Parents will now have to provide detailed descriptions of what they will be teaching the child. If the government does not agree, the government will force the child into their public schools.

The French Constitutional Court has recently passed a law that levies heavy restrictions against homeschooling a child, essentially banning it.

The Court ruled that parents must obtain permission to home-school from local authorities, rather than simply declare that the family would be in charge of the child’s education, reports LifeSite News.

‘Further measures will tighten state control on France’s growing network of independent schools that receive no state funds, allowing local “préfets” – representatives of the administration in France’s “départements” or local administrative units – to decide to close such an establishment without the intervention of a judiciary judge,’ according to the report.

This network of independent schools contain many private Roman Catholic Institutions with traditional teaching methods, compared to state-ran and funded Catholic schools that abide by the public curriculum and standards.

Home-schooling was already undergoing restrictions. In 2011 a law was passed that allowed the government to “inspect” the families once a year, and grouping families together for larger classes is illegal.

There are roughly 30,000-50,000 homeschooled children in France.

This new bill was passed under Emmanuel Macron’s new law that mandated the Covid-19 vaccine passports and vaccines for healthcare workers in July.

The WHO Is Developing A “Digital Wallet” To Store Vaccine Certification. France Mandates Covid Passport And Vaccines

Parents will now have to obtain permission to homeschool their children. Parents will have to be able to justify “instruction within the family:” the health of the child or other handicaps; regimented athletic practice or dedication to the arts; the parent’s roaming lifestyle in the country geographical remoteness from other public schools; or some other reason why the child should be educated at home – which means that the parents will have to provide a written list of what they will be teaching their child.

Each permission only lasts a single year, so parents will have to reapply each year and provide a new list of what they will be teaching the child.

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