Ho Ho! Truck Driver Beats New Jersey’s ‘Most Powerful’ Lawmaker to Senate After Only Spending A Few Thousand Dollars

We, the People. Remember them?

New Jersey Senator Edward Durr


By Ryan Saavedra•Nov 4, 2021   DailyWire.com•

New Jersey State Senate President Stephen Sweeney officially lost re-election on Thursday to newcomer Edward Durr, a Republican truck driver, who spent only a couple of thousand dollars on his campaign.

Politico, which referred to Sweeney as “New Jersey’s most powerful lawmaker,” said that Durr’s upset win dealt a “severe blow to Democrats” as Sweeney was “their most effective political machine.”

Durr defeated Sweeney after “spending $2,300, according to an Election Law Enforcement Commission document filed online on Thursday,” The Associated Press reported. Politico noted that just four years ago, “the New Jersey Education Association, the state’s largest teachers union, spent about $5.4 million on a 2017 effort to unseat Sweeney, yet he still won by 18 points.”

Montclair State University political science professor Brigid Harrison said that Durr’s upset victory was, in part, an indicator that even blue states are rejecting Democrat President Joe Biden and his far-left agenda. Republican and blue collar districts turned out heavily to vote for Republicans during Tuesday’s election.

“This was a protest vote against the Biden administration and Murphy,” Harrison said. “Steve was in many ways just how people voiced their dissatisfaction and anger with the larger political structure. Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg responded to the upset by saying in an interview, “It is stunning and shocking and I cannot figure it out.”

This last quotation well demonstrates the deep stupidity of our enemies as they recognise nothing of the reality but the world in their own grubby image.

UPDATE: What a Surprise!!!