If You Work for the Government you are Complicit in Crime

Let there be no illusions. If you are working for the government, if you work for the “mainstream media” of if your job depends on funding from the Gates Organisation or the pharamaceutical industry you are already, with high potential, complicit in massive crimes against humanity. You are also acting against your own interests and against the present and future generations of your family.

This is nothing to do with public health. It has been clear for some time that the CV19 virus does not exist, just as it has been clear that all-causes mortality last year was in the lower half of the metrics for the last 50 years. By contrast every passing day is showing that the injectates that have been peddled round the world are not only meaningless as a prophylaxis against anything, but that the protein spike they produce is toxic, sometimes fatally so, and that the raft of other revolting and outlandish ingredients will produce damage in a wide range unprecedented even for an industry with the record of the pharmas. As most of the people dying of what these people label Covid are people already vaccinated it confirms suspicions that far from granting immunity they are actually destroying it. It seems likely that a third jab will have serious consequences for many given the give viral load it would deliver. And other diseases normally kept at bay but natural immunity are already showing worrying signs of increase.

We may try to reassure ourselves that this is all a misundertanding. Anti-vaxxers are the enemy. Well, is that so? Antivaxxers believe “thou shall not kill”. It is a law that those attacking us have shelved, just as they have shelved compliance with law, ethics and democratic process Antivaxxers believe in the sovereignty of personal individuality, a fundamental that ther Black Hats seek to undermine with the false god of the collective. That was not good for the Kulaks, and it certainly is not good for us. If you are still parroting the “settled science” and high moral tone that are the trademarks of this fatal infantilism then it’s time to start thinking for yourself, checking the real facts and facing them.

When I see someone wearing a mask I see someone who has surrendered the basis of what it means to be human – that is to use the intellect they have been given. If it is written that humanity will divide and the drones will go off into a dark world of transhumanism and slavery as offered by the likes of Gates and his overweaning friends so be it. I shall not be part of it, and I know there will be many with me trudging towards the light whatever evil may be found on our road together.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans