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The Struggle for our Spirituality
You might easily now wonder how one theme might can connect all of the previous subjects my thanks here goes to a lovely lady called Adele who brought up the concept of a prism of light during the discussion modules a group of us have been testing for nearly two years now.

There is a slight twist to this though.

I deliberately turned the above image around as we are used in the West to reading things from left to right. I did so in the hope that you might consider a reverse process at work.

Looking at it this way allows us to see several different frequencies of light (colours) streaming through the prism and into one beam of white light. I see this as a beautiful analogy for what must be now achieved.

There is a necessary precision to this to be successful and any disturbance to the different starting frequencies will mean a dirty off white end result. For those of you who read my November 2021 newsletter and the ‘Play’ that covers some of the latest scientific developments in manipulation of light, you will perhaps know just how easy it is for others to distort light and how it can then affect us in negative ways.

I would like to introduce you to an amazing person who lived over 200 years ago.
Freedom and Reason
He lived his life between 1737 and 1809 and he spent most of his life in the UK, France and America. He has been more recently described as the Greatest Englishmen that ever lived.

He was a writer and a philosopher who played a role in both the French revolution and the American revolution.

In the case of the latter he specifically helped bring about the American independence from Britain with President Benjamin Franklin bringing him across the Atlantic in order to help achieve this.

Two of his best known books are the ‘Rights of Man’ and the ‘Age of Reason’.

The inventor Thomas Edison once said “I have always regarded him as one of the greatest of all Americans”

If you have not already guessed his name you may well be wondering just who this person is and why you have not heard about him before. The reason for this is that the ‘Establishment’ in the UK at the time (which included the political and religious community) hated him because of what he did and what he wrote about.

Here are some of his sayings:-
“The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.”
“These are the times that try men’s souls.”
“He who is the author of a war lets loose the whole contagion of hell and opens a vein that bleeds a nation to death.”
“Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.”
“The most formidable weapon against errors of every kind is reason.”
“We can only reason from what is; we can reason on actualities, but not on possibilities”.
“An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot.”
“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”

You may well find yourself agreeing with the sentiment behind all of these as well as seeing how appropriate they are now again today.

His name was Thomas Paine. Thomas Paine stood for Freedom and Reason.

His most famous work, The Rights of Man, was published in 1791, 2 years after the French Revolution. In it he defended the values of the Revolution – ‘Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité’ (Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood/Sisterhood’).
Paine explored the idea that government based on true justice should support not only mankind’s natural rights like life, liberty, free speech, freedom of conscience, but also its civil rights relating to security and protection.

He highlighted the fact that only a fraction of the people who paid taxes were entitled to vote. Using detailed calculations, Paine showed how a tax system, including a form of income tax, could provide social welfare in support of those civil rights.

He was decades ahead of his time. He outlined a plan covering widespread education, child benefit, pensions for the elderly, relief for the poor and much more. His book ‘Rights of Man’ sold tens of thousands of copies and became one of the most widely read books in the Western world at the time.
There were a few that were none-to-pleased and this small group is mirrored today by another small group of people.

With the war on the truth now growing fast, and the Davos/World Economic Forum/NATO/MIC and their puppet mainstream media are now growing desperate to label the truth as disinformation and to crush any kind of debate that might lead to freedom, reason and logic breaking through.

Paine would have been mortified.

Social media platforms are suppressing any kind of dissent and this is where I am really hopeful that  the new sacred network platform on the encrypted Edge blockchain network can play an important part in both searching and spreading the truth when it comes to the struggle for our spirituality.

You see, the Globalists know that it does not take many of us to ‘begin the World over again’.

They also know that civilizations easily collapse and that this represents a massive opportunity for them.

The anthropologist Sir John Glubb once wrote, “The life-expectation of a great nation, it appears, commences with a violent, and usually unforeseen, outburst of energy, and ends in a lowering of moral standards, cynicism, pessimism and frivolity.”

History also tells us that complex systems regularly give way to failure.
The American poet and journalist Walt Whitman saw his own 19th century American civilisation collapsing and wrote “We had best look our times and lands searchingly in the face, like a physician diagnosing some deep disease.”

In more modern times is has been written that “if our civilization collapses, it won’t be because of an outside attack, it will be because of those among us who, like parasites, destroy us from within”.

What gets us in the end though is our own moral catastrophe. The problem is within us. If our civilization is collapsing, it’s because something in each of us is collapsing.

To avoid collapse we need to rebuild our inner selves, we need to strengthen or own inner weaknesses.

The reason for this is the same reason why civilisations endure.

They endure because we find meaning in life within them. They endure through art and conversation and ritual and they endure when we show love and compassion for the sick and the elderly.

It is through this endurance that we create a civilised World, or indeed, a new civilised World.

This can only happen though when we come together and communicate in friendly ways with one another – even though we know we are all different and that we have different views.

All the globalists need to do though is to spread division by creating a polarity between us all, and one of the greatest most successful ways they do this, is to misguide us.

You see this kind of division by polarity is not the same as separation and I will take a look at this in a deeper way shortly.

In the meantime, I want to add some sayings from Rudolf Steiner as this brings the collapse of civilizations and the transitions into new and healthy ones more up to date and why what we are facing now is so very different.

This key difference is down to the changing energetic environment.
Rudolf Steiner
Steiner here is referring to the changes of the Epochs and our transitioning between each one. He states that we are currently in the 5th Epoch and about to enter the 6th. (The precise timing of each epoch has in the past been open to debate and it is entirely possible these are not equal lengths of time and we do also know that transitioning takes time and occurs at different rates geographically as well as individually. We must consider that cycles within cycles within cycles may at first seem chaotic but that does not mean there is not structure rhythm and meaning behind them.)

“Every age is one of transition. The point is to know what is in transition in any particular age

“… the faculties of humanity as a whole — in this case more particularly the faculties of soul — change fundamentally from one period to another; they change because a very real evolution takes place in every such period”

….the purpose of the Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch is that mankind shall become free enough to be enlightened about certain truths, hitherto kept in the more unconscious region of the human soul, and to master them.”

“What mankind attains, through the purification of the thought, leads us to recognize the spiritual behind everything.

“Struggles occur repeatedly in world and human evolution.

“I have told you that the spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts, in whom they will be dwelling, to find a viccane that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people’s souls when they are still very young, and this will happen in a roundabout way through the living body.”

“In future, children will be vaccinated so that they do not develop foolish inclinations connected with spiritual life” (‘foolish’ here, of course, in the eyes of the materialists –R.D.).

People will be inoculated against their disposition towards spiritual ideas“. “The materialistic physicians will be entrusted with the task of expelling the souls from mankind”.

That he predicted all this back in 1916 is quite incredible but this is not quite the point I want to make here.

The key take away from this is that we recognise we are in a transition and we are in a struggle for our spirituality and this now needs to be considered in the light of the difference between division by polarity and separation.

What a few psychopaths want to believe is that, if you have been vxd, you will not be able to evolve spiritually – This is misguided information.

And it is actually not what Steiner is saying here!

Instead he is reporting what will be tried.

If we consider the analogy of the prism and the rainbow colours of light, we are heading back through the prism into the white light.

All that has happened is that those who have made the mistake, for whatever reason, will find it a touch harder to bring their frequency into alignment with everyone else’s. Nature always leaves us with a choice.  

All they will need to do is to alter their frequency a bit more precisely as we pass through the transition zone within the prism.

You see the grand design is that everyone needs to evolve – no one is being left behind – we will just have our different paths. Even the psychopaths will be brought through (although their path will probably be quite rough towards the end).

What I will be covering later in this newsletter is just how we know this and how important choice still is here.

Essentially, we are being helped and we can choose the path we wish to take and that last part will make all the difference in regards to where and how we end up.

The help we are being given now is actually all being done to help us make the right choice to go down the right path.

The struggle for spirituality
In my March 22 newsletter I wrote a bit about the struggle for spirituality not being about opposites.

I wanted to also point out that the idea of opposites was intentionally divisive as that kind of division weakens us. One of the ways it weakens us is when it comes to thinking about a solution. Thinking in terms of opposites leaves us wondering how millions of people who think one way can ever get on and live together with people who think the opposite way.

When we look at the problem in this polarised way, we are doomed to failure because we need to believe something is possible for our subconscious mind to be able to be creative enough to help us by providing possible solutions. Thus is precisely why the psychopaths do this as they do not want these solutions. Their aim is to divide us in order to conquer us and then completely control us.

They have been seeking to divide us for many centuries. In the old days they did this by constantly referring to good and evil.

In the Bible they refer to this great separation of mankind in Matthew ch3, v12 where they talk about separating the wheat from the chaff.
“The good will be saved, the evil will be burnt in the fires of hell”.

Here we see deliberate division into opposites and this allows them to create all sorts of military campaigns to grab wealth and power over neighbouring lands and their people.
Megiddo –Armageddon
In Revelations ch.16 v.16, the Roman church writes in the bible “And he shall gather them together into a place which in Hebrew is called Armageddon. Here the Angels, with those they had gathered, are pitted against the Devil, and all those they had gathered.”

You will understand the reason I have added this later in the newsletter. For now though, the ancient city of Megiddo (now called Tell el-Mutesellim) is about 60 miles north of Jerusalem in a North-central part of Palestine.

It overlooks the great Plain of Esdraelon where many great ancient battles took place. Megiddo is also the older Hebrew form of Armageddon or Har-Magedon meaning the Mount or Hill of Megiddo, or the Hill of Battles.

In the book of Zechariah in the bible it is written that “At the very moment of the Second Coming of our Lord, ‘all nations’ shall be gathered ‘against Jerusalem to battle’ and the battle of Armageddon will be in progress”.
As the Apostle John expressed it, “The kings of the earth and of the whole world’ will be gathered ‘to the battle of that great day of God Almighty, … into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.”

Again and again we are being drawn into the bibles propaganda here that two armies will do battle in one great good versus evil event – an Armageddon. Even today, we hear the word being used by the mainstream media as way of reinforcing this good versus evil narrative.

What I find slightly intriguing here is why this location was chosen. Later I will bring to your attention reasons why this and other similar locations are really very metaphorical and actually very significant for us all on a global scale.
Walking the right path
The secret is to think of separation in a non-polarised way – only then can we find that the solution is actually within us and also very manageable and doable – just as we find it is within us to create civilizations that endure either to avoid collapse or to build them anew after they collapse.

To arrive at the solution though we must fully recognise the reality of the actual problem we face.

We are not divided in just two ways but in many, many ways. We are not just one side or the other; we are actually on a side of our own.

In addition to that, this individual way of seeing things is increasing and is again something that Rudolf Steiner has predicted as one of the main characteristics of the 6th Epoch that we are transitioning into and why we are all in a spiritual struggle.

This great separation has nothing to do with the forces of good and the forces of evil – but instead something happening deep within us…..

……………………….Our perceptions of reality are changing
In my last newsletter, I wrote about how our visual perceptions were changing and I covered subjects like astronaut’s eye and the changing colour of the Sun.

This visual perception is not the only aspect that is being affected. Our auditory and kinaesthetic perceptions of the one reality are also being affected as our minds are being increasing affected by these increasing cosmic energies.

What this means is that we each end up with our own views and ideas of what is right and what makes sense.

Back in 1916, Rudolf Steiner predicted that:-
“In the sixth epoch a common consciousness will lay hold of the then civilized humanity” & “The fruits of belief today will depend upon the single individuality.”

“In every sphere of religion in the sixth epoch, complete freedom of thought will so lay hold of people that what a person likes to believe, whatever religious convictions they hold, will rest wholly within the power of their own individuality.”

Collective beliefs among communities will no longer influence those who constitute the civilized portion of humanity in the sixth epoch of culture.” (Civilized here is referring to those people who can recognise what his happening and who have learnt to adapt with the changes – R.D.)

“Everyone will feel that complete freedom of thought in the domain of religion is a fundamental individual right.”

Just think what is happening around the World at the moment and even locally amidst your friends and colleagues.

Finding anyone who holds the same views/perspectives/opinions as ourselves is becoming harder and harder because of the increasing differences in our perceptions and how we each now have our own view of what reality really is and what the truth really is. 

This growing ‘common consciousness’ is individualising every one of us more and more such that we all have widening different views from everyone else.

You might at first think this would be disastrous but actually it turns an insurmountable problem (Division) into a solvable one (Separation).

Before I go into the solution here, just consider the following differences of opinion:-

There are some people who want a fully centralised World with one World government and one World currency, whilst there are others who would prefer many more nations than there are now all of which are under sovereign control by the people in that nation who recognise the importance of national identity and culture for all nations and wish to trade between them all in fair ways.

There are some who like Fiat paper money system but who want to turn it into Central Bank digital money without paper cash, whilst there are others would be prefer sound money that they can keep themselves should they wish to and to be able to make transactions without going through any intermediary. (Sound money meaning backed by something like Gold/Silver/Oil/Gas/etc)

There are those who support the Military Industrial Complex and NATO offence globalist armed forces who are more than happy for them to be an ‘offence’ force in order to carry out whatever agenda they feel is right to carry out in the World, whilst there are those who would prefer a ‘defence’ force to be solely for the defence of their sovereign nations only.

There are those people (admittedly globally now a very small number) that believe that the events on 9/11 were done and orchestrated by a man in a cave, whilst the majority of people in the World know it was an inside job by a few ultra-wealthy psychopaths just as an excuse to carry out more profitable foreign wars and to take further liberties away from the American people (Patriot Act).

There are still people who think the Covid 19 experimental treatment (which it was technically labelled in order to get around the ‘authorisation of use’ laws because of the limited trials) was effective against a ‘dangerous’ virus and that the actions taken (Lockdown, masks etc) were right to be taken, whilst there are an increasing number of other people who know that the treatment made people worse off, led to huge excess deaths and heart problems in young people and who know that the man-made virus was also made by ultra-wealthy members of the pharmaceutical industry who were just looking to make even more profits.

There are those people who will always vote for Left wing parties and who think Right wing voters just don’t care about people, whilst those who will always vote for Right wing parties will think negatively too towards Left wing voters. You can insert Democrats and Republicans in here as well as several other names for two party electoral systems found elsewhere in the World

There are those people who just love engines and take pleasure in leisure activities using engine based craft whilst there are others who just prefer to enjoy natural wind or human based power activities in nature.

There are those who prefer Vegan diets, whilst others prefer Vegetarian diets, whilst others prefer a meat & omnivorous diet. Many people in each of these groups do not see eye-to-eye with those in other groups – some even with strong dislikes.

There are some people who can and do take responsibility for their own health who are fit and around an appropriate weight for their body type and activity whilst there are those people who can, but who chose not to, be responsible for their own health who are unfit and obese.

There are still people who smoke modern ‘refined’ tobacco products who know it is bad for their health and that it is addictive (refined additives) but who still choose to do this activity knowing that this might cost other people damage to their health through passive smoking. They also know that they may rely on the good will of others if the need to receive medical help due to their smoking activity whilst there are non-smokers who do take responsibility for their health and who do not take up the expensive time and space in hospitals whilst there are also people who do not mind smokers because they make so much profit out of selling them tobacco products or pharmaceutics products when then need them to help manage the ill health of the smokers.

There are those people whose sole aim in life is to do no work but to instead live off those who do work through the ‘financialisation’ of their assets, whilst there are other people who chose to work, even when they do not have to, so they can help others either by being entrepreneurial and producing items that people need or by devoting themselves to caring and helping for others in need.

There are those people who think the science is settled and that climate change is man-made and there are those who believe the wind and solar power can replace fossil fuels whilst there are other people who know science is not settled by models and consensus of opinion but by facts and observations. They know pollution is bad for all humanity but they also know that our Sun and energy from Space is what has always driven our changing weather patterns whilst there are others who just don’t mind polluting the World as long as they can make increased profits.

There are people who believe nearly everything the politicians and their mainstream media tell them whilst there are a growing number of people who know, or sense, that we are continually being lied to in order to follow a narrative set by another group of people who want more control and more profits over everyone else.

There are a number of people who know that there are good people working in positions of authority in the Police and in the Legal frameworks of countries who are fighting to stop paedophiles abducting or grooming young people whilst there are others who are either apathetic, or who are knowingly benefiting for one reason or another, who are also in these positions of authority, who are also actively engaged in these despicable activities and who do everything they can to also stop information like this reaching the mainstream news.

In addition to this, there are those would want to ban the use of cars, whilst others don’t.

There are people who prefer to be alone, whilst others prefer company.
There are tastes in occupations, music, pets, gender identity, sports clubs, drinks etc.

With all these variables, it is almost impossible to find someone who feels the same way as you do on all the above preferences and choices.

Even over time, we change and our preferences and choices can change. People also change their minds on subjects at different times of their life as well.

With our perceptions of reality changing and our opinions are changing because of that, there is no way we will ever agree with anyone anymore unless, within ourselves. we choose to change how we get on with each other.
There is no way people will ever agree on anything anymore in this increasing energetic environment …………

…………………….because it is leading to common consciousness where all beliefs are held individually.
We need to recognise the futility here in getting everyone to think the same way as we do.

Instead we need to reframe the way we think (heart mind and head mind) about how we get on with others and how we can work together.
I see 3 necessary stages here.
The 1st stage is acceptance of this new reality and the different perceptions it is giving everyone. This requires us to realise that our individual consciousness is changing and we are moving into common, or group, consciousness.

The 2nd stage is to look for the benefits that can come from having people with very different perspectives from ourselves in this common consciousness because we are all being affected by this new kind of consciousness.

The 3rd stage is recognising we need to begin to work in groups composed of people with very different perspectives. If we cannot learn to get along with people different from us, we are not going to be able to operate in this new energetic environment.

We are never going to agree with one another. No one is ever going to follow another person or group or leader. Indeed this is why we are starting to see so much trouble in the World right now.

Those in power are already feeling that power ebb away from them. They know more and more people do not believe them and their increasing fear is turning to panic and even more drastic decisions like arming the police and putting their armies on the streets.

We cannot live with fear based decisions, we need to make better choices and it is here that we can begin to see a way forward and this is helped again by the prism of light.

Individually embracing change within us, overcoming our fears of those who think differently from us, is the same as the overlapping frequencies of the colours of the rainbow as the different frequencies stay the same but join with the others to make one white light..

Think of this white light in terms of all our feelings and turning negative ones in their positive counterparts and fusing them all together.

When you do this you end up with unconditional love and compassion.
When a few of us start doing this, more will be drawn to do the same.

Before long, even those who would normally oppose our individual thinking on many of the viewpoints, will be drawn into groups. The key learn for them will be that they don’t have to change their thinking as the people in the groups learn the need of valuing different cultural identities, different perspectives and different viewpoints.

Indeed different perceptions coming together to solve the Worlds future problems is exactly what we will likely need for survival as a species.
This is all very well said, but much harder to do. Fortunately though, we are being helped.

The first step though is up to us and that is to walk the path of synchronicity. The path has several names – The Grail path, the Cathar path, the path of Individuation but all could really be called the Sacred path.

Many people are now doing this and, the ones that I am aware of are truly astonished by what it brings them.

This now brings me to the synchronicity that struck me a few weeks ago now. For me, it shows that, not only are we really being helped, but we also get a glimpse of who is helping.

As to why perhaps think back to our own frequency ‘being within’ the prism with the coloured light beginning to merge with the other frequencies. 

We are being helped towards the white light.