Invermectin: Brazilian City Cuts Flu Count By Half, While Virginia Hospital is Fined $10,000 a Day for Refusing it to Patients

The City of Itajai in Brazil decided to use Ivermectin as a prophylaxis against the disease at the start of the Virus Fraud.

In the span of July and December 2020, approximately 220,000 people were offered 0.2 mg/kg/day (approximately 18 mg per person weighing 200 pounds) as a two-day treatment option once per every two weeks. 133,000 people took the Invermectin with 87,000 not doing so.

A study published by various Brazilian institutes, the University of Toronto and EAFIT in Colombia concluded in an initial pre-print version of the study (read below) released in December that hospitalization and mortality rates had been reduced in the Ivermectin group over the period of seven months. This showed a reduction by half of the mortality and hospitalisation rates in relation to other places in the country.

This is despite the fact that those taking the Invermectin were older on average, with 30% >50 yo versus 20% for non-IVM users. The mortality reduction is even higher looking at different age groups. 85% for 31-49 yo and 59% for >50 yo

To read the Brazilan study click here.

To read a similar conclusion in the American Journal Of Therapeutics click here

The deliberate suppression by the Fauci gang running US public health has been and remains a crime against humanity. The recent forcing by a court of a US hospital to treat a dying man with Invermectin – an intervention that saved his life – shows how low a large number of medical “professionals” have sunk in their fear and cowardly compliance with Fauci’s regime. A Virginia hospital is being fined $10,000 for every day they refuse to offer Invermectin when requested by patients. It is a bizarre and distressing spectacle ranking as evil as anything we have seen for many decades in the West.