Judgement – Can an Ordinary Person Use It?


One of the most important pieces of propaganda tactics since the outset of the Great Fraud has been the strident proposition that unless you have endless scientific letters after your name you are incapable of making any judgment on the matters of the virus and its associated narratives, let alone the filth of the injectates.

Lord Jonathan Sumption, one of the time’s great British jurists, among others, made the point very early on that this is simply not true. It is well within the capability of ordinary human intelligence to make Inquiry, and just as importantly to recognise which points require greater investigation for a proper conclusion to be reached.

As time has passed it has become clear from Dr Goebbels offices that the opinions of the wrong sort of scientists are to have no validity either. And the wrong sort, it turns out, are the only true scientists!!

The Covid promoters are remittance men and liars, serving the cold energy of the evil of globalist ambition.

In the meantime here is another true scientist, Professor Edward Steele, one of the many thousands who oppose the Crime, setting out a position that has been clear to me at least since the first weeks of the outrage.