Leading British Critic of SNP Virus Malice is banned from protests in Scotland.

From the people who gave us Gauleiter Trudeau we are gifted the National Socialist look-alike Mrs Sturgeon. She has leapt onto the playbook used in Canada with relish and the vindictiveness that is the hallmark of fascism.

David Clews of UKUnity was arrested with five other people for no other reason than being at the protest. Upon release after 8 hours the condition was imposed as part of his bail. He reports that on dlive.tv/unitynews he is going to be joined by another activist and will confirm that Sturgeon’s security apparatus is now actively filming, monitoring and visiting activists in their home as part of a wider strategy to silence dissent.

Anyone who thinks Trudeau is the only traitor to their people is deceiving themselves. This woman is peddling harm by the injectates to her electorate with enthusiasm. It is still at times hard to believe.