Let us Not Believe for a Moment that the Bad Guys are Stupid.

By Joss Wynne Evans

They have seriously over-cooked their goose. It is the one unchanging feature of evil that it always, always over-reaches. But now, with their failed virus and their clever-clever psyops that try to substitute for common sense, we are getting to the point where even the most determinedly ignorant can hardly miss the truth of the real parasitism of globalism, the murderous intent and effect of the “vaccine” sell, and the extent of the corruption that has taken place to support an effort to command us all.

It is now that the evil is at its most dangerous. The war in Ukraine was always an effort to destroy Russia, but it has also been a distraction from present domestic terrorism. We must expect low-yield nuclear shells to be used in the Ukraine – almost certainly in the Russian-speaking Donbass, which will of course be blamed by the whores of the media on Russia. Mad, yes. And likely. I doubt the Russians will rachet things up in response, and we must hope that they exhibit some truly creative thinking in dealing with what happens. The heads of the parasite should be the target.

We are seeing a retreat from heavy censorship and a mealy-mouthed obfuscation taking its place. But make no mistake – these tape worms are going nowhere until we send them.

The old guard black hats – the banksters – have played a blinder for centuries, but the new boys have dragged them along to their eventual annihilation. They must be so pleased!