Lockdowns are killing more people than the monsters of the Twentieth Century.

ONS figures confirm that not only has there been no pandemic in Britain, but also that a holocaust is taking place of ordinary people around the world caused by the effects of lockdowns.

People dying in hospital in excess of the average expected 2020 ONS
(average deaths per day from all causes for the last three years is about 1,700)_


  • Before the lockdown 9,000 people were waiting more than a year for operations. Today it is more than 200,000. One in three cancer patients say their treatment has been affected and 70 per cent say their mental health has suffered in consequence. Cancer Research UK says cancer screening was cancelled for 3million people and there has been a 39 per cent drop in the seven key diagnostic tests for cancer between March and July – equivalent to 3.2million fewer tests in England alone. h
  • The British Heart Foundation says that excess death from heart disease has risen with a disturbing 13 per cent rise amongst those under 60 even as Covid was declining in May and June. 
  • A Yonder poll in December revealed that 7 out of 10 people in the UK are now seriously worried about the mental health of themselves or someone close. Problem drinking – a killer – has doubled and now affects around 9million people. Experts report that suicide amongst young people is rising. Domestic abuse rose during the spring lockdown. 
  • A Bristol University professor says that the lockdowns of 2020 will cost 560,000 lives in the UK ‘because of the deep and prolonged recession they will cause’.The Government’s own prediction last summer was that more than 200,000 will die as a result of the first lockdown alone (ONS July 2020). It has refused to provide an update showing the additional impact of the tiers and lockdowns since.
  • Government figures show that even during the Spring peak, restrictions played a huge role in excess deaths. Restrictions caused at least 16,000 unnecessary deaths, as 6,000 people died because they didn’t attend A&E through fear and 10,000 people died in care homes because they could not access critical care in hospitals. 
  • The UN World Food Programme has warned that 270,000,000 people face starvation as a result of the global impact of lockdowns and restrictions. This alone makes the response to Covid the single most lethal policy that governments have ever adopted, killing many times more than Mao, Stalin and Hitler combined.

This whole disaster is the creation of those who have sought to invest the annual flu seasons with a Hollywood boogaloo – “The Virus”, and to sell the control and fear narrative on a continuing basis by suggesting that each season’s wave of flu is a “Mutation” of The Virus.

So while 270,000,000 face starvation, a few very wicked people are getting richer and richer. They are not a single organisation, but they are closely cooperative convergent pan-national interests that have been planning an event of this sort for decades and as they emerge from the shadows into plain sight we can begin to see the reality of evil as it is now scrabbling for control. That money is the corrupting influence can not be doubted, and in very many cases it is blindingly obvious. The UK regime is rotten to the core, and Parliament is no longer the representative of our ancient freedoms and democracy. It is the emasculated UK chapter of remittance men of Gates, Zuckerberg and the phalanx of less obvious but equally ill inentioned individuals who have become wealthier than nations and who threaten us with their megalomania.

I’m indebted to https://timeforrecovery.org/excessdeathsscandal/ and Jon Dobinson who published much of this originally.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans