Poisoning of the American People is Shown to Have Been Carefully Planned and Coordinated

For most of us the examination and analysis of vast Data is either beyond us or too boring to contemplate. Fortunately there are people to whom such work is the fuse that drives the flower. Dr Craig Paardekooper is such a man, and he has uncovered a reality that is as shocking as it is unwelcome and as unsurprising as it appears conclusive.

Damning Evidence


He has shown, using the VAERS data available, that Moderna, J&J and Pfizer released their batches of injectates on the American public in a manner that can only have been carefully coordinated and controlled. 80% of the injectates were apparently harmless (at least in the short term) but the rest were toxic in varying degrees, and in the latter period, when Pfizer were the only batches being used at all, the indications are of a carefully planned testing designed to measure the effects of toxicity.

This startling research needs to be thoroughly examined, and if confirmed, there can be no excuse for delaying a root and branch prosecution of the companies and those in the Fauci regime supervising them. Failure to do so will itself incriminate those whose duty it is to protect the US public.

For another US article on this: https://tapnewswire.com/2021/12/vaccine-batches-vary-in-toxicity-and-are-distributed-to-unsuspecting-americans-in-coordination-by-three-companies-researcher/