Some Inescapable Intel from Israel

This careful essay is lengthy and concludes among other things that if the injectates did anything helpful we would not be seeing, as we are, the following:

-Record deaths in Israel

-Record ICU admissions in Israel

-Record cases in Israel

-The only place suffering no COVID issues is unvaccinated sub-Saharan Africa

-Higher case rates in vaccinated than unvaccinated people

-Higher RNA in sewage than during last winter

-Record cases throughout highly vaccinated regions of the world

-Unexplainable excess mortality that seems to come and go

-People who continually get reinfected

All of these are irreconcilable with a vaccine that works. We’ve seen ninety percent of Israeli elderly above 60 receive three doses of this vaccine. The pandemic is supposed to be over in Israel but it’s not, they’re doing worse than ever before.