The Johnson Regime has Usurped Power

“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see”.

Ayn Rand

Eighteen months into the Vaccine Fraud, and many people continue to walk past the basic fact that the UK government has effectively usurped power by its actions.

You will remember that at the start of all this the government said that it was putting the Coronavirus Act into legislation because it was entitled to do so as “a proportionate response to a public health threat.” And indeed legislation does envisage this as a emergency measure. But it was clear to many at the time, and became clearer and clearer in a very short time as the summer advanced, that the reality did not match the rodomontade, and that the whole episode was marketing – propaganda – driven. This was a usurpation of power, a lawless act as serious as any terrorism.

And then at the end of 2020 the truth was stark – the year was 35th in the last 50 years in terms of all causes mortality. With that truth before us there is little need to waste time, as we all are doing, holding up all the other scientific fraud and corruption to the light. The whole mass of evidence is so compelling that you have to be an ostrich, a fool or one of the bad guys to ignore it all.

In the world of UK public life we knew before this terrible time any government arrogating such powers to itself could expect to be put to the question under judicial review. And that was exactly what was attempted by over 400 people, including me, who put up a great deal of money to bring the matter before the courts. As a result of government pressure and machinations the case has never been heard to date. As a sidebar the government has nevertheless had its corrupt cronyist abuse of public procurement – the theft of millions from the public purse -since this started held up to the light in court, thanks to the Good Law Project and others.

This government is guilty of the highest crimes and misdemeanours, which it airily dismisses. Lies are its lingua franca, and the currency of the media and the crooked “advisors”, all slaves to the money of the psychopathic uber-rich that we have allowed to become the toxic effluent of capitalism.

A consequence of the media ceasing to be fit for purpose is that we are thrown back on our own resources and our own responsibility, an uncomfortable development in the circumstances, but one which will produce precisely the opposite effect to what our enemy intends. The truth is now available to find.

The remedy of those being attacked, whereever they are, is local, although the war is global. There are many good people with us, and the lies are unravelling. We must reclaim the kingdom for democracy and right-living values,  and reject all cooperation with the liars at any level.   

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans