Sooner or later a liar trips over his own lies. The promoters of the Virus Cult are no exception to this. As we approach the last days of 2020 we know know that the mortality in the UK for the year will be less than for 2019. So the contagion myth is well and truly exposed. and equally all the noise about “the virus” for the total waste of human time and energy that it is.

Those of us who, unlike many liars, remember what has been said by and to us will recall that, the UK government stated in March that lockdown would only “flatten the curve” supposedly saving the NHS from collapse. We can now be sure that these reptiles will try to explain the bald facts of the annual mortality metric as a life-saving result of their bold decision. It is not a proposition that stands the slightest examination. But, as the Russians say of their government, they know that we know that they are lying but they will lie anyway. This is the level to which the Johnson administration has reduced our body politic.

One might with some reason expect to see gates at the end of Whitehall appear before long with the motto INJEKTION MACHT FREI above the gates.

And having been reduced (almost certainly by the incompetence of the Gates organisation) to having to launch this outrage using only a rebranding of the annual flu, it is no surprise to see the Pinnochio of Health suggesting that the new season’s flu is a fresh mortal threat to humanity. I have no idea who in government knew what was going to happen and I really don’t think we need to be detained by that, because the actions of government have been egregious in any event. The 20,000 less who have died this year than last of all causes would likely be 80,000 or more were it not for the closure of the NHS and that is only the start of the litany of destruction they have wreaked on the people who trusted them with a vote so little time ago.

The stark lie of the whole outrage is clear now. Every citizen owes it to himself or herself to understand this. And if they all do we shall before very long see the evil that has ventured into full sight slide back into the darkness.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans