The Lie of “Russian Aggression”

The parasites who have waged war on their own people with the Virus and their injectates are the same lot who are braying their nonsense about “Russian Aggression.”

The US and the EU are acting like Kruschev did at the time of the Bay of Pigs. Russia has been clear about its unhappiness at the creeping encroachment of NATO right up to the Russian borders for a long time. Russia sees, reasonably enough, that it is a trend that prejudices Russian security and brings the Russian heartland to within minutes of weapon reach.

Russia has, in the light of the endless western obfuscation and double speak on the matter – and the lie we are looking at now is a distillation of that – demanded written assurances on the matter as a line in the sand.

For further escalation to cease all the West has to do, and should do, is to give those non-aggression assurances on the conduct and placement of NATO forces. It is of course US and EU aggression and the lying propaganda that is escalating the situation, and the Russians well know that having made their position clear they have to underwrite it with action if this goes on.

When we reflect that the Ukraine regime today was put in place by the overthrow of an elected – if unattractive – government, encouraged by the US and the EU it is more of a disgraceful episode, and we shall be fortunate to avoid conflict created by criminals who are already killing their own populations.

It does not take a great deal of familiarity with history to know that the Ukraine was part of Russia for hundreds of years, and it’s ironic that Kruschev, the aggressor of sixty years ago, was responsible for creation of Ukraine as a separate Soviet republic, the genesis of the excuse for conflict now. The collapse of the Virus narrative has made this effort to distract us all inevitable. We must call it for what it is – just an extension of the Globalist war upon the people of the planet.