The State we are in.

Today I decided to post the Danish study on the wearing of masks to the Resources page of this website, so I Googled it. This was what I got:

As you will see the study is there near the top. And this is something of a miracle, as you will also see the phalanx of propaganda site “fact checkers” who are bursting to tell us that the study is not really to be believed. One even tells us “Here’s how to think” about the Danish Mask Study. this is a measure of how powerful the symbolism of masks is to the certain knowledge of the wicked people who want us to wear them.

For anybody who draws a breath and uses a keyboard this will not come as a bolt from the blue. Since the middle of 2020 we have seen a massive appearance of efforts to control content on all the big social media, whose mantras hitherto have been all-things-to-all-men communitaire vacuousness purporting to be bringing freedom and light to ordinary people. It’s now plain that the underlying intention of these juggernauts driven by psychopaths is exactly the opposite.

“Here’s how to think” definitely includes “Here’s how not to think” for these people.

But as well as social media, what is less obvious, but on an enormous scale and just as toxic to our society, is the vast army of PR types and mainstream media who are paid billions to pollute news outlets and websites around the world with lying, brazen propaganda. If you want to see an example look up “Vaccine Hesitancy” on Wikipedia ( a glorious propaganda expression ). This is one, God help us, of a large series of mendacious and misleading guff pages that have been posted, and efforts to edit them to acceptable standards are a waste of time given the regiment of paid creatures who pose as objective editors on the website.

How many people know that Bill Gates has given billions of dollars in “grants” for “advocacy” to media outlets round the world. And that includes, for example, $5,600,000 to the BBC in 2019 and $3,400,000 to the Daily Telegraph in 2018. (see the Resource page for a Foundation page on the latter). Gates’ organisation blandly says it’s all there on their website, and so it may be, but who knows about it? Do we trust media outlets taking money in this way that is covert in practice? Is this not concealed advertising? And you can be sure that every major outlet that backs the globalist interest is represented by such “grants”. Whatever Gates calls it, I call it corruption and bad faith.

And then of course there is the titanic amount of money invested in the corruption of the public health environments both here and in the US. This is treated in detail both here on Blue Tara, but by many others, the most notable of which may be Robert F Kennedy’s Childrens Health Defence. There is a Video clip “Medical Tyranny” on the Resources page here that has an early and very powerful view of the crooks from the Gates organisation that were “helping” the White House as this outrage kicked off. And you will find other material regarding the procession of charlatans and Gates remittance men who form the overwhelming majority here, with strange and dubious SPADS to be found as minders for ministers. The CVs of some of these people are anything but sataisfactory. Not a single independent virus advisor to government am I aware of.

It is not logical or reasonable to believe that all this censorship and manipulation is the uncoordinated efforts of misguided people. And you have to believe that if you hope to avoid being labelled a conspiracy theorist by those same misguided people! The motions of Gate and his globalist friends, the UK administration, the media and the charlatans who are steering it are all pointed towards deceiving the public as to the true facts. And the true facts are that these people are themselves the only plague for which the people require an early and permanent cure if democracy and individual freedoms are to prosper again.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne-Evans