This Data was Clear by the End of 2020. How Many People More will Die Before We Start Prosecutions?

The UK Office of National Statistics was still untouched by corruption until well into the second half for 2020. Even with the 50,000 or so extra deaths caused by the revolting Hancock uthenasing the elderly with Midozalam and stopping non-flu treatments and consultations, 2020 was 37th out of the last 50 years for all-causes mortality. A glance at the archive on Blue Tara or many other sources will confirm.

This piece from the excellent Off-Guardian should simply not be required because the government ministers and their so-called advisors should already be off the streets and out of public office for life, and if found guilty of the wide range of criminal offences that have been committed serving long gaol time. It will happen, but it will take time, because we must not play into their hands with violence, but simply refuse to participate in lies with the media or cooperate in any way with the parasites. If we all or most of us do that they are dead in the water.