Time to get Real – This is not about Public Health

No more people have died round the world than have commonly died in the annual flu season over the last Century. Flu in its various forms can be lethal, and 2020 was no exception. We are looking at the continuation of the War on Terror by other means, itself a tissue of violent conspiracy. Whether this is Conspiracy Theory or Evil in Practice depends on which side of the Manichean struggle you find yourself.

The ancients, in experimenting with democracy, had a practice which seems to have fallen into disuse, and we are the poorer for it. Any person with the vote in one or two of the ancient city states could propose a new law, and if it worked to the benefit of the city so much the better, but if it did not so much the worse for the proposer. This necessarily limited proposals to those on the whole that had merit and were genuinely for the benefit of all. How many of us today would like to see Messrs Hancock, Johnson, and all the supposedly unaccountable reptiles of SAGE, pay for the measures they have arrogated to themselves so lawlessly?

But these local scoundrels are merely the branch office for the New Axis, a loose convergence of uber-rich interests who have zero interest in public health and welfare save as a means of control and as an engine of profit.

This is nothing novel. We have long been aware of, and tolerated for their perceived utility, the amorality and total self-interest of elements of the financial system. The Fed as a private concern remains one of the generally misundertood pillars of this, the oldest part of the New Axis, which has roots extending back hundreds of years. War as an engine of profit. Arms and war material financed for both sides in most wars since the eighteenth century. These are the “old money” of the New Axis and they remain in their favoured position through all this overt outrage as largely below the radar, while the new money – Gates and the big tech psychopaths – have gone overt with their effort to monopolise information sources, having corrupted the nation states over several decades. In doing so they have refined and redeployed propaganda techniques used by the very worst of the twentieth century mass murderers. Anyone viewing the cross-exam of Bill Gates, rocking back and forwards in his chair, being cornered by the Department of Justice back in 1999, needs not doubt the sort of people we are faced with.

After seventy years without the devastation of a war in Europe, as a population we have become softened into physical and intellectual idleness and have developed a widespread sense of entitlement that completely ignores the blood-soaked ground of the history which brought us to such material comfort. And we have tended to abdicate the need for personal intellectual rigour in approaching reporting and analysis of events. This has been greatly encouraged by the New Axis, because it has debased public debate to a polarised shouting match between people yelling the half baked concepts fed to both sides at each other. Divide and rule. Media as the agent of obnubilation.

So where to from here? I think there are two possibilities.

The first is that we slide into a totalitarian world where the New Axis get their frantic grasp on all the levers of modern life, leading eventually to a bifurcation in the progress of humanity between those who will simply do what they are told, and those who refuse that option. Whether both survive the split, who knows?

The second is that this attack upon us accelerates an already marked and widespread shift in human consciousness as people recognise the New Axis for what it is. The result may be a massive upheaval, but I believe that at whatever cost we shall survive as a race with individual sovereignty to create the true community of individual souls that is our heritage. It is up to each individual to do what they can take this struggle in that direction. Each one of us makes a true difference.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans