When You Lie, Make it a Big One!

This time-honoured advice from tyrants down the ages is given for a reason – it can work. It relies on the human weakness that is hardwired into us, that is paradoxically part of the strength of our very humanity. We have a tendency to believe what we are told without automatic scepticism. As we would say a lie says more in terms that count about the liar than about those who believe him. But the rewards for the liar in this life can be significant if he gets away with it.

So it is with the criminals of the Injectate Assault, that key part of the Virus Outrage.

Here is the next big lie: we are going to be offered a “vaccine” to cure the AIDS that is now a major killer in our societies! As an example of brazen bloody nerve that will take a lot of beating… A jab to cure the effects of the jabs! Except of course that the narrative is already trying to divorce the metrics of the vast increase of mortality from non-flu causes from the present jabs. The UK government said as early as last autumn that the increase of over 10,000 in all causes mortality in the three months from July 2021 was puzzling and concerning. Concerning by all means…. but puzzling? You don’t need to be a scientist, just simply aware of facts, to join the dots.

The FDA now admits that the jabs can cause myocardia – even if they have bent usage by describing such cases as mild, a word which is a bit strange for a condition that causes iremediable tissue damage. That the bloody things are still being peddled is a testament to the efficacy of evil propaganda and a shame upon our professionals.

The omerta on the Life Insurance industry claims position has been nearly complete, but not quite, as Blue Tara has already reported here. Insurance company shareholders will either need to be paid off by the Pharmas or we will see some fur flying in the near future as shareholders seek to recover vast sums from them. Let’s hope the criminal prosecutions will accompany or precede those actions.

I am sure that as the number of deaths swells even a big lie will not cut it, and Nemesis will bring her sword down on the necks of those who so richly deserve it. Let her start her work soon.