A Call to All Who Believe Mankind Are Spiritual and Not Machines to Serve Grubby Elites.

The Antithesis of Science

The Globalists are now in plain sight, and they have nailed their colours to the mast of the ghost ship of a new race to be created by “intelligent improvement” and not by “some God above the clouds”, in a world where many of us are to be culled.

The epoch of free will is now “over” they tell us. They are coy about its replacement, but mention “the collective” freely. The collective of course will run on concepts fed to them by someone, – whoever can guess who that might be?

The globalists prattle unashamedly about the elite who will rule their new world. We have paid little attention to the matter hitherto, but how many of those have had any injectate but distilled water? Would we find the toxins in the blood of Messrs Gates, Fauci and their families? Hardly needs thinking about….

The 25-40 age group in the US last year was killed by the jabs so that in 2021 more of them died than in the decade of the Vietnam war – based on CDC metrics closely analysed. 2,500,000 Germns have been injured by the jabs according to the German Life insurance industry, ten times more than government admission. No wonder Fauci has faded from the scene, leaving the head of the CDC to face the music. The explosions of emetic war from the White House come too late. The hecatomb is facing us.

It does not matter who you are or where you come from, whether you are a member of one of the world’s great religions, or of a smaller one, or of no organised religion at all. If you consider that as humans we have a spiritual base, or perhaps that the Great Watchmaker must have designed the wondrous cosmos we inhabit – if you have that conviction of heart intelligence that most of us are fortunate to bring into the world – then you must recognise the fear and ignorance – the evil – that characterises the globalist posturing.

And if you do that you are one with us who must say “Enough” with as much force as is necessary to send the evil back into the darkness.