The Russia House Charade?

Russia House, Davos

One of the miracles of recent days is to see the WEF, that selfless organisation of entitled sociopaths, apparently rejecting its relationship with Russia. It seems the relationship has been disavowed during February.

The reptile Chrystia Freeland, fresh from he enthusiasm for the brutal oppression of the Canadian people, sequed into her WEF mode to pronounce: “Canada will continue to work in lockstep with our partners to sanction President Putin and his hangers-on for their unprovoked and barbaric invasion of Ukraine,” adding “we encourage international organizations to do everything they can to support these efforts.”

But call me cynical perhaps…. Putin has had a close relationship with Klaus Schwab since at least 1990, so there is a real possibility that this military episode is all window dressing to the pantomime being played out, using little people’s lives, in the Ukraine. The effort to distract “the cattle”, as we are called, from the greatest crime against humanity ever perpetrated by launching this logically ridiculous conflict has so far met with a good deal of success because people simply go on believing what they are told by the legacy media, who have lied fluently and without cease since the Virus assault commenced.

Schwab and his acolytes have indicated that they intend to replace our Illusion of a “God above the clouds” with their own “intelligent improvement” of the human race, aimed ultimately at removing free will to substitute it with some form of collective impulsion.

If Putin is as devoted an Orthodox man as he portrays, this may indicate a major issue for him, and one must admit that his address to Davos last year (posted earlier here) was a fine one. If he is simply using that image to encourage his power base of devoted Russians it may not at all. If the former is the case then he may be a bulwark withe the Russian people against the enslavement that the WEF plan for us. If the latter, then the strategic sophistication of the threat to us is more advanced.

We already know that the PRC leadership is closely aligned with Gates and others of the WEF. The global nature of the threat may be emerging from the toxic mist that has so far concealed much of it. The US and UK have both just said they want to move to blockchain currencies. The theft of our Earth civilisation is advancing and is a real and present danger.