Fauci’s Fallacy


“The Eskimos of North America, although a remarkably hardy people, have borne a heavy burden of disease over the centuries since they first became known to the rest of the world. Devastating epidemics of infectious disease, notably smallpox, influenza and measles have changed the very course of history for many Eskimo bands across the Arctic. Whole villages have been depopulated or abandoned as a result of these terrible plagues. Even in the years since World War II, poliomyelitis, influenza, trichionosis. diptheria and other diseases have swept through isolated settlements, often with high mortality and always witj a great disruption of family and community life.

These infectious diseases have wreaked havoc among the Eskimos because so few individuals have had specific immunity to the causative agents, which in nearly every case were introduced from the outside at relatively long intervals….”

Robert Fortuine – The Health of the Eskimos/ Bulletin of the History of Medicine. Vol XLV No 2.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans

The tragedy of the Eskimo experience carries an important lesson for us, and one that does not at all fit the world-view of the peddlers of vaccines and fear. The hubris of man wishing to control nature reaches a new peak of foolish arrogance in men like Fauci, who want the world to live terrified that we are all going to infect each other with successive waves of fatal disease, and lock ourselves in our houses and talk to each other only through masks or through the ether. Not to have human contact. Not for Fauci the the reality of millions of years of human development during which men have lived with respiratory viruses and developed immunity in successive waves. Not for Fauci the world that has opened up in the last two centuries with increasing speed. That, his mindset suggests, is a threat of contagion.

So Fauci and his friends have opened up a world of tyranical opportunity that has magically returned us, across an ocean of lies, to the infantile political asylum of fascism. Policemen checking that you are not dining unless you are doing business, the hospitals making sure that the old and economically useless are given no great encouragement to live. Hard-faced men selling toxic injectates as essential adjuncts to life.

The truth is that it is that by preventing normal human activity with their lies and avarice they are potentially increasing, rather than decreasing, the species vulnerability to new organisms. The enormous travelling that people have done since the World Wars has given greater general immunity to the species than ever in history, a point that has been well made by Dr Gupta and others.

And as well as doing that the understanding of the nature of humanity as connected individuals, each with their own spark of mystery and their mutual responsibility, has spread widely as communication and travel, until now fairly uninhibited by corrupt power, has increased. Does this represent a threat to the Faucis of this world? What do you think?

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans