Free Humans Must Stay Focussed

Blue Tara and many other commentators had for some time been predicting that Mr Global would require a war in the near future.

Now he has his war and, as usual, it is others paying the price for his psychopathy. It is remarkable, as Mr Global will gleefully note, the number of people who have on the Virus Outrage written governments and media off as congenital liars, but who are swallowing the fresh War narrative with the desperation of drowning men.

It will not do.

We must dig deep to face the conflict – the real KOBK conflict, which is not with Russia. It is in the government and media offices of our homelands. Mr Global is implacable and will not cease his assault until he is removed from any position of power. He is the real and the greatest enemy of humanity.

We now know that the unelected bodies around the world who pretend to lofty rights are deeply corrupt. The WHO, the WEF, the Fauci public health apparatus,NATO itself (with its propaganda machine aimed at us as well as others) and a long list of organisations bought and paid for by Mr Global with the help of our money diverted by people betraying our interests and attending the subversive meetings at Davos and elsewhere, all of these need to be removed and/or replaced. The globalist traitors within governments outed and fired at least, and the media invited to reapply for their licenses to operate. Integrity must return.

It is a mountain to climb, but as we have seen in the last month in particular, once the globalist edifice comes face to face with popular fury it melts like noxious dew. Most of the guilty are not the prime actors; we should focus fiercely on those who are, many of whom each of us could name.

In the meantime it is to be hoped that if Putin achieves his stated war aims the present conflct will die down. NATO, far from being our defence, has been, like Kruschev’s missiles in my youth, profoundly destabilising.