Guilty Knowledge. Malign Concealment, and Total Failure to Stop the Poisoning. Mr Global is Brazen.

What cannot be denied with any credibility now is that there is a mass of data evidencing serious damage from the injectates, including thousands of fatalities, injuries and destruction of natural immunity. The admitted numbers are far, far in excess of any damage done by any pharma product since Thalidomide, and are already well in excess of those too. To call these matters concerns, one would have to be in love with understatement.

Do Fauci and his cohorts in public health and the pharmas express concern and promise action on these matters? Not a bit of it. They go right on, insisting that the jabs are safe and effective in one breath, while having to admit their ineffectiveness when cornered.

We have public statistics that now show that the vaccinated under 60 are twice as likely to die as the unvaccinated in England when properly weighted for the different size of the two groups. And there are now several top researchers reporting that the injectates seriously compromise the heart tissue by inflammation, whatever other things they may do.

Have Fauci and his cohorts immediately ordered a moratorium on any further jabs until the true facts and effects are known for the safety of the public? On the contrary, they have already done their best to suppress the research reports and are lying solidly to counter the known facts. In their perverted world they are doing good work. But it is for Baphomet…..

A report today highlights the extent of the efforts by Pfizer and the FDA to make sure that the truth of their activities is kept away from the public. It is a breath-taking account of brazen criminality and the makings of a massive racketeering case against Mr Global is being laid out as we watch.

In the meantime every doctor, media-type, politician or just ignorant person who goes on promoting the jabs is committing a serious criminal act.