Spike Protein in Vaccines – a Smoking Gun

A superb recent article from Neville Hodgkinson in Conservative Woman setting out details from eminent investigators of the forensic indicators on the CV19 virus suggesting a lab creation.

The Virus Fraud is such a wide range of long-gestated outrages that it does take the breath away. Here’s a short list from among the serried ranks – this site has the full references for all these to be found. There is of course a lot more.

  1. The lie of the pandemic. In the UK 2020 was well down on the list of the last 50 years in terms of all-cause mortality despite the deaths of many thousands of non-flu patients refused NHS treatment by Johnson and Co. The laws passed was of course based upon the need for such measures to be proportionate to a public health threat.
  2. The PCR test. Admitted in the CDC manual released in March 2020 to be incapable of an agent-specific result. Used world-wide by the paid charlatans of the Fraud despite that, and to the horror of the test inventor and other independent expertise, at over 35 cycles (and often over 40) for most of 2020 and until recently, when the CDC announced that anything over 28 cycles should be disregarded. The positive results of whatever agent the test did detect in that period were therefore false and have been admitted as such by implication.
  3. The virus has never been isolated in a pathology sample from any person said to have it anywhere at any time, despite efforts to use fraudulent science to show otherwise. It has never been seen by electron microscopy.
  4. The vaccines, that are no different in principle or safety than those that are used to make GMO crops in that they alter genes, are based on datastrings sent out to developers that were created in effect by imagining what the virus might be like, – more fraudulent science – no doubt, I surmise, by the small team of bad people running the show for Mr Gates and his friends.
  5. The global media has been corrupted over a period of more than a decade with dishonest payments for influence made in vast quantities and in plain sight but kept unannounced. “Health Advocacy Grants” are a clear form of corruption of the independence of a free press, and so it has proved. Equally many millions have been invested to pay “PR” firms specialising in “Health Advocacy” to pollute social media and public information websites. A glance at Wikipedia on related subjects is very instructive.
  6. Science, which has already in many ways lost its way in the murk of the complacent scientism of the science establishment to a point where the editor of Nature says he wants to burn “heretical” books, was ripe for the picking, and the presence of plumply complacent Gates placemen as the majority of government advisors both here and in the US has been a feature of this from the beginning. There are many great, independent and eminent scientists, but not one features as a proponent of this attack on humanity, and they struggle to find a voice in a world where the BBC ignores a major demo outside its front door.
Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans