Spot the Difference.

Daryll Rowe

In 2018 a man, Daryll Rowe was convicted and given a life sentence for deliberately infecting ten men with AIDS.

In 2021 a number of men, supposedly paid to serve the public either in the medical profession or in government, are promoting, in places abroad coercing, people to receive an MRNA injectate that is now known to double the chances of you dying if you are under 60. This is based on UK government metrics. It has, too, been found and confirmed by authoritative medical research that the injectates do, among other things, dramatically increase inflammation of the heart. I may be missing an announcement, as I stopped listening to or reading the paid media some time ago, but I do not think there has been any statement that the Injectates are being ceased, and on the contrary I am seeing evidence of the parasites doubling down on their lies.

Whether you are Sajid Javid, any other official anywhere, or if you are a doctor or nurse working at the grassroots and you are promoting or delivering the jabs to any person, you must be now assumed to be doing so with knowledge that harm to the patient is reasonably forseeable. You should therefore expect to be subject to the same criminal law as Daryll Rowe.

If you can spot the difference with Daryll Rowe from a point of view of serious criminality you are well ahead of me. Except of course the scale of it.

This is knowledge that no person in any official capacity in public health whatsoever anywhere in the world has any excuse not to have.

Please, if you agree, lobby your local Prosecuting authority

and your MP or representative accordingly.