The Old-style Media Omerta

A glance at today’s Telegraph gives us a picture of tedious Business-as-Usual from which no a hint of the genocidal attack on our people by Mr Global – the owners of the old media – is readily discernible.

Controlled debate is now moving to suggest that the tragic killing of David Amess is part of a descent into a morass of violence in the UK. In a world where the United States started their police state “Homeland Security” over Islamic terrorism that killed an average of 9 people a year over 20 years as against the 12,000 killed annually by other Americans we should not be either surprised by, or acquiescent to, this invitation to totalitarian policing.

The evil Mr Macron is there on the Telegraph pages, to be sure, but the main thrust of his evil – the ruthless pursuit of coercive measures over the vaccines against French citizens – is not mentioned, just his campaign against the UK and its fishermen, which is reported in the “controlled debate” inflammatory style. While we fulminate against the preppy Mr Macron we are not hanging our ministers from lamp-posts or sending them to pollute the Chiltern Hundreds….

The infantile propaganda is everywhere to be seen where Mr Global controls the outlet, and although very, very many have now twigged that the media, and the BBC, are if anything worse on this issue than Pravda at the height of Stalinism, those who wish, or have made a conscious decision, to ignore the now stark reality are still swallowing the fear garbage. Only this morning I had a call cancelled because a participant had a child feeling unwell and was taking them off for a PCR test. Hard to understand with the now known facts, and a timely reminder that the victims of this attack upon us are suffering variously from terror as well as poisoning and its effects.

I stopped taking old media news and commentary output more than a year ago. I was banned for telling the truth by the Telegraph and the rest. But as the catastrophic results of what has been done come clearer and clearer, and the huge fatalities from the vaccine effects set in over the winter and spring to come it will be interesting to watch these dismal media people struggle to keep Business as Usual look anything but what it is – a bloody lie.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans