The Politics of Scale in this Outrage

Rand Paul is undoubtedly one of the great Americans. Doughty, fearless and forthright. He has the reptile Fauci squarely in his crosshairs.

And he typifies the difficulty so many of us have when faced with the Virus Outrage. And that is both seeing and stating the global nature – the global direction – underlying the problem.

The reality is that stepping across the line between recognition of local corruption and incompetence and recognition of the conspiracy of globalism is a challenge for many ordinary people, who understandably would prefer to live in a world where such things remain tin-foil fantasy. And so our politicians have to tread carefully in dealing with that timidity in the electorate. Just as many commentators rely on the corrupt media for at least part of their livelihoods or for access to their audiences. And just as our doctors have faced the choice between dancing with the liars or facing unemployment.

As the true nature of the injectates becomes more and more apparent as immune systems degrade the general recognition is already changing. And in the meantime I, for one, salute those, like Rand Paul, who do what they can to help the light to shine on the evil that threatens humanity.