The Telegraph Bans My Comments

The Telegraph has finally banned my comments on its pages. It is interesting that they choose to do so now that a very large majority of their readers have come to realise the reality of what is happening. As always the delivery of facts is threatening to Mr Gates and his friends – they will put up with some dissent without facts.

Here’s my last exchange with their censorship team:

Re: Likes on my account comments

Jonathan Wynne Evans <>

To:Community ModerationSun, 25 Jul at 11:55

Hi there,
Thanks for that. If you can point to one item of misinformation that I have posted your action would be perhaps understandable. And if you review the comments that other readers are making you will observe that very many of them are of a character that is similar to that I have been saying. I would suggest that the reality is that my comments are very much supported by the majority of your present readership. It is not I or they who are mishandling information.

I have had friends at the Telegraph and enjoyed it for most of my adult life, and I would like to think that the values of free thinking and personal responsibility that have underwritten the paper will survive this period of crisis.

I would ask you to reconsider your position and whatever you decide I thank you for so far sustaining the right to free expression when others have not done so.

Kind regards
Joss Wynne Evans

On Sunday, 25 July 2021, 10:58:58 BST, Community Moderation <> wrote:

Hi Joss,
Records show that you have been banned from our commenting platform on four separate occasions for misinformation and conspiracy posts. Having considered this, we have made this latest ban permanent.

Our guidelines state that all content is subject to our Terms of Use and we reserve the right to remove any content, comments and/or commenting privileges at any time, without reason and without prior notice or warning and will not enter into any discussions regarding moderation decisions or actions.

If you have any questions about your Telegraph account, please contact Customer Services:

Kind regards,
The Community Moderation Team

On Sun, 25 Jul 2021 at 10:40, ‘Jonathan Wynne Evans’ via Moderation <> wrote:


Likes appear to have been disabled. Would you please check and fix for me?

best wishes

Joss Wynne Evans

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