The Nobility of Populism


We are moving past the time of confusion in the events that have overtaken the world in the course of the last year and, to me at least, (this may be no new apercu to others) the fundamental simplicity of the situation at high level is now becoming plain. That is to say that the war between elite groupings and interests and the rest of humanity has now gone truly global for the first time.

I believe that the Virus Fraud is by a long way the most prominent of a number of direct results of the two seismic electoral failures of judgment that marked the end of decades of a much more covert flow to elitist hegemony. Both Brexit and the Trump election were a massive shock to the convergent interests that have been immensely successful in their motions over the western democracies since the second world war, but which had finally over-reached, as evil always will.

The promotion of hatred in party politics has moved our societies from debate to toxic abuse, identity politics and the wholesale gulling of political naifs that allowed them over five decades to make Democrat a synonym for arrogant oligarchy, and Populism a synonym for redneck.

Not for the elite, -the New Axis, as I would term them – any concern to mediate chaos and order. They will take their territory and our wealth wherever they can find it. Labour or Tory, black or white, Democrat or Republican, Muslim, Bhuddist, Christian or fireworshipper – it matters not to them, save better to steal the silverware while the diners are squabbling. Without the inhibition of ethics or morals in some ways life is so much easier, – and that is why psychopathy can be, and is, so dangerous for the rest of humanity.

To imagine such wickedness, on top of the unprecedented scale, is a real challenge for the rest of us. The elites have hitherto for many years created war as an engine of profit, selling arms to both sides and refined that by funding terrorism to a point where its poison can be carried into the societies far away from the military conflict, to create security terror.

The Virus was I think a hurried reaction to the disaster of Trump, and that it has been so crude and incompetently undertaken in many ways bears that theory out. The corruption and fraud is obvious to anyone who will face the discomfort of looking because the slime trail of evil is documented in a thousand ways in this outrage. The greatest weapon the New Axis has is the reluctance of ordinary people to acknowledge what has happened, and that reluctance is now getting hard worn.

Democracy and populism, like philanthropy and vaccination, are all words that have validity in their different ways, and the first three have noble qualities, while the last has its place as a harm to prevent more harm. But all these words have been traduced by the evil that is scratching at us. I am proud to be in favour of all four, but will oppose to the death the debasement of their meaning by those who, in their hubris, wish to change the very nature of humanity.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans